about FLAVUS

The 16er for Enduro Kids

Welcome to something very unique. The dream of all bike passionate kids and their parents. 

Fork features
  • Adjustable travel   30 .. 110mm

  • Adjustable stiffness (Do not confuse with simple preload)

  • Adjustable progression

  • No top-out or bottom-up bumper hits

  • 800g

Common Highlights
  • Lightweight hardwood durable construction, 7kg

  • Flexible, no material fatigue

  • Green, closer to nature

  • From urban to free-ride operation

  • Cool design

FLAVUS introduces patented suspension that outperforms state of the art carbon forks in most features. Yet it's simplicity is remarkable. Special linear guides for operation in dusty industry offers smooth run starting from minimum force applied. The response of the fork is immediate also thanks to a very small moving mass, which can thus oscilate faster than whole legs in common design. Nitrile butyl rubber provides shock absorbtion that needs no calibration.

The wooden frame absorbs rear impacts itself. So it's kind of full-suspension, but with no extra mechanics. Wood, unlike aluminium, can face the impacts almost "forever". Aluminium frames crack after a few years of intense riding. When you hit a rock you may observe a scratch that can be easily repaired. When carbon composite hits a rock, it's gone.

More bigger sizes are coming soon, like 24"or 29", as the design is scalable into almost any common size.


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